CentOS 6.7 Release

มีอะไรใหม่ใน CentOS 6.7


  • sssd has a number of new capabilities
  • Support for udev rules to restrict removable media to be mounted read-only for security
  • LVM caching is now fully supported
  • New package clufter can be used for analyzing and transforming cluster configuration formats
  • SSLv3 and older insecure protocols are disabled by default, and various packages now have more configuration options to select the desired protocols
  • vim has been rebased to version 7.4, with improvements to undo and regular expressions
  • libreoffice has been upgraded to
  • The KVM hypervisor can now handle up to 240 virtual CPUs per virtual machine
  • IPv6 IP sets are now allowed in firewall rules
  • squid has been rebased to version 3.1.23 and now supports HTTP/1.1 POST and PUT responses with no message body
  • mdadm has been rebased to version 3.3.2, improving support for RAID level migrations and automatic array rebuilding
  • the package yum-plugin-downloadonly is now superseded by the main yum package, as the feature has been integrated